30 May 2013

Hey, Holder: got chicken?

As the great Jeremiah Wright infamously preached, "chickens are comin' home to roost". I'm no Mitch McConnell fan but this is a good ad. Credit given where credit is due. Moving on.

Twitterpation Update: I am now being followed by Reverend C. L. Bryant, 2 Senator Ted Cruz accounts (pre and post election), and Dr. Alveda King. Totally gobsmacked. How unbelievable is that? But in all seriousness, I am honored beyond words. These are iconic cultural figures and legends in their own right. Also, on a not-so-serious note, my fav RT from yesterday was from none other than Pat and Stu of the Glenn Beck Program/Pat & Stu Show/Wonderful World of Stu.
While reminiscing fondly about Red Velvet Cake ice cream Stu made the rookie mistake during the radio show of confusing Blue Bell brand with Blue Bunny. I know! No comparison and nearly downright personally offensive. Little did he realize them's fightin' words here in the Lone Star State.
Dude, don't mess with Texas.

1 comment:

Pedaling said...

nice ad.

i appreciate these ads as even many of my friends who vote republican, don't know what is going on. in a conversation last night it was admitted that they get their little bit of info off my face book page because it's all to confusing and hard to understand.

so ads like these are helpful.

guess i better put it on my facebook.